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Why “Open Innovation”?

As technical innovation and the needs of customers continue to become more technically advanced, there is a greater need for technology-intensive products that mobilize all of a companyfs technical resources. Given the requirement for speed in todayfs competitive environment, it can be difficult for a company to develop all of the technology it needs on its own, and increasingly, the critical management issue is how to make the most efficient use of limited development resources.

The concept of bringing in technology from outside a company, improving on, and then building products from it is not a new one. In the past, it was quite common to turn to suppliers, subsidiaries, group companies, and universities to provide seed technology for new development. The gOpen Innovationh program we propose today is unique in that the net is cast much wider, with an open, global search for technology to solve issues that cannot be addressed within an existing network. As companies work to streamline their R&D efforts, this gOpen Innovationh concept is gaining increasing attention worldwide.

Innovation Seekers

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